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Truth, Fiction, or Mythology?

Mummies Alive is of course a fictional cartoon, but the developers of the series obviously did a fair bit of research about ancient Egypt. Here is a little quiz to see how well you know your Mummies.
  1. The producers selected 1525 B.C. as the year the mummies came from for a good reason.
    Truth. There seems to be a factual basis upon the year 1525 B.C. The Pharaoh Amenhotep the First reigned from 1549 B.C. to 1526 B.C. In Mummies Alive he is the father of Rapses, the boy Pharaoh whose spirit is in Presley. In reality, the son of Amenhotep died in infancy and Amenhotep died without a surviving heir. He was succeeded by one of his generals.

  2. Presley Carnovan is a fictional character.
    Fiction. Presley is of course fictional. But his last name Carnovan is probably taken from Lord Carnarvon who was one of the first to enter the tomb of King Tutankhamen in 1923. Lord Carnarvon died four months later from an infection. This began the belief of the mummy curse that was supposedly put upon all those who disturbed a mummy.

  3. But Scarab - now he must have been fictional!
    Fiction. Of course the Scarab portrayed in Mummies Alive is fictional, but the poor archaeologist who discovered him in the first show may also have been a reference to Lord Carnarvon (see answer to previous question). In addition, a scarab is a dung beetle and in ancient Egypt was associated with spontaneous creation and regeneration. This is a repulsive insect to most people today, and becomes a natural for a sinister villain. Our Scarab even transforms into a beetle-like armor and is in quest of immortality.

  4. Shabti must be pure fiction.
    No, there is Truth involved here. They are based on the painted wooden figurines of servants and workers, who were placed in Egyptian tombs to do the work for the dead. Our Shabti do the work for Scarab - but not very well.

  5. Okay, okay. The rest of the characters are fictional then.
    No, they are mostly from Egyptian Mythology. Set, Anubis, Sekhmet, Bast (the cat goddess - named Bastet in M.A.), and others, were all figures used for many of the villains in Mummies Alive. Many of them, especially Anubis, were turned very creatively into quite comic characters.


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