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The Characters - first the good guys

Presley Carnovan - is 12 years old, and inside him is the spirit of Prince Rapses, although he didn't know that until the Mummies told him. He lives in San Francisco with his mom.

Ja-Kal - the leader of the Mummies. When he transforms, his armor is like a falcon and he can fly. He uses a bow that can shoot flaming arrows. Back in ancient Egypt, Ja-Kal was a hunter. He had a wife named Tia and a small baby son named Padjet.

Rath - the smartest of the Mummies. When he transforms, his armor is like a cobra and he has a long tail. He fights with a sword that can change into a snake. He is able to perform magical incantations. He also designed and built the Mummies' vehicles.

Armon - is huge and eats and eats and eats. He is very strong even when he has not transformed. He is missing his right arm, and when he transforms he gets a golden arm that weighs a ton. His armor resembles a ram. In Ghouls' Gold it was explained that Armon lost his real arm fighting in the Pharaoh's army. The pharaoh then gave him his golden arm.

Nefer-Tina - is the only female of the Mummies. She is an expert with her whip, has great agility, and is extremely proficient at driving the Hot-Ra - the Mummies' dragster-like vehicle. When she transforms, her armor is like a cat. Back in ancient Egypt, she had to hide the fact that she was a girl or she would not have been allowed to drive chariots. She was known to everyone as Nefer. Only Prince Rapses knew her true identity.

Kahti - the sacred cat, sometimes called the sacred kitty. Kahti can transform into a bigger, more-powerful cat. In case you were wondering, Kahti is a female cat. She was Prince Rapses pet 3500 years ago.

Presley's mom - Her first name is Amanda, but she is always called "mom" by Presley. She works at the City Museum. In Ghouls' Gold, Armon refers to her as "the wise Amanda".

Presley's dad - Paul Carnovan lives in Memphis. Presumably Presley's mom and dad are divorced. His dad claims to be an archeologist, but his true activities are somewhat suspect. He visits Presley in My Dad the Hero.

Elaine Setter is a student in Presley's grade. She likes Presley, but often has a tough time getting his attention.

Walter Lu - Presley's friend who is in Grade 7 with Presley.

Cynthia Lu - Walter's older sister. Presley has a crush on her, but she is a couple of years older than Presley and likes a "Benjamin" who is in college. Cynthia usually cannot even remember Presley's name and calls him "Preston" or "Wesley".

Milton Huxley - Presley's science teacher. Known as Mr. Huxley to his students, and considered to be a "science geek", he is someone who never has fun. He also believes there is an explanation for everything. He has starring roles in Good Bye Mr. Cheops and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Huxley. He also appears in Sleep Walk Like an Egyptian, The Gift of Geb, The Curse of the Sekhmet, Missing Ja-Kal, and Eye of the Beholder.

Mr. Hepplewhite - is Presley's mom's boss and is presumably the director of the Museum. He makes appearances in Ra, Ra, Ra, Ra, Sleep Walk Like an Egyptian, and Pack to the Future.

Professor Henry Bogglesworth, an expert but extremely bad and boring lecturer who discovered the scroll that can open the gates of time. His lecture takes place at the beginning of The Prince and the Presley.

Charlie is the Janitor at the City Museum. Murdoch is his dog. Charlie is an old navy man. He is really proud of the times when he met Mike Conners (Mannix) in '62. "That was when me and Larry met Kojak". Charlie appears in Honey, I Shrunk the Mummies.

The two policemen, Joe Pendleton and his partner Bob - Joe is the thin one. Bob is the fat one. Joe is the Regional Treasurer of the Third Annual Paranormal Alien Visitors Psychic Convention and Brat-Bust. He finally meets his first "space alien" in A Dark and Shrieky Night when Ja-Kal humors him by making it sound like he is from outer space. Joe and Bob both get deeply involved with the "aliens" in We've Got One. They also appear briefly in many other episodes. Joe is featured in the final episode: Show Me the Mummy!

Mr. Ludie - owns the Java Spot cafe. Presley's mother spends some time with him in Tempting Offer.

Bix Bingsley - a clumsy, nerdy, sales clerk who sells clothes but is allergic to wool. None-the-less, he gets a kiss from Nefer-Tina in True Believer.

Theo, Rosey, Wilcox, and Max - are four homeless street people who befriend Rath when he loses his memory in Dead Man Walking.

Prince Rapses - was the heir to the Egyptian throne 3500 years ago. He was protected by the Mummies (before they were Mummies), but was killed at when he was Presley's age by Scarab. This story is told in Sleep Walk Like an Egyptian. His spirit now lay inside Presley, and is drawn out by Scarab in several episodes. Rapses himself comes to the present in The Prince and the Presley.

Amenhotep - was Prince Rapses' father, the Pharaoh and ruler of all of Egypt. He was a good Pharaoh and was very respected by all his people. He appears in Scarab and Presley's dreams in Pack to the Future. In Reunion, Scarab makes the Mummies believe that Amenhotep has returned. In Family Feud I - Brother's Keeper, Amenhotep appears in some of Ja-Kals recollections.

Rapses' mother, the Queen - her name is never said. She appears in Sleep Walk Like an Egyptian.

Tia - was Ja-Kal's wife 3500 years ago. They had an small baby son named Padjet. In Sleep Walk Like an Egyptian, we see the scene of the last time Ja-Kal sees Tia and Padjet. Tia gives Ja-Kal an imprint of his son's hand. This handprint is now a sad memory for Ja-Kal of the family he once had. At the end of Sleep Walk Like an Egyptian, Presley asks Ja-Kal "What happened to your family?" Ja-Kal responds sadly with "I don't know". Presley then says: "It was Rapses fault - my fault! I don't know how, but some day I'll make it up to you. I promise!" Ja-Kal thinks about Tia and Padjet in Eye of the Beholder and Chontra appears as Tia.

Kenna - was a friend of Nefer-Tina 3500 years ago. Chontra appears as Kenna in Eye of the Beholder.

Armon, Nefer-Tina, and Ja-Kal
Armon, Nefer-Tina, and Ja-Kal - untransformed

Now the bad guys

Scarab - the evilest villain who is in most of the shows. Scarab is a sorcerer and wants to be immortal. To do that, he needs the spirit of Prince Rapses that is within Presley. He sums up his position well in High Nuhn with: "All I want is immortality. Is that too much to ask?" Like the Mummies, Scarab can also transform. He transforms into armor like a beetle. 3500 years ago, Scarab was the Pharaoh's most trusted advisor and the most powerful person in Egypt after the Pharaoh. He thought he would be the next Pharaoh if Amenhotep had no son to follow him. So Scarab murdered Rapses, and was entombed alive for it.

Heka - Scarab's serpent, a cobra, that Scarab carries around like a staff. She seems to be just about as evil as Scarab. She can breath fire out of her mouth. She really lets it out in Good Bye Mr. Cheops. Heka is Scarab's best friend, and Scarab shares his evil plans with her.

Ammut - Scarab's dog-like pet. He has the head of a crocodile, the body of a lion and the hindquarters of a hippopotamus. Presley describes him in Pack to the Future with: "That's the ugliest dog I've ever seen." Ammut usually messes up on anything Scarab tells him to do. Ammut has good parts in the shows Pack to the Future and Who's Who. In Egyptian Mythology, Ammut is female.

Ka - a headless and bodyless guy with just two arms who is a spirit that lives inside Scarab and comes out of his mouth. For an example, see Body Slam. Really gross! In ancient Egyptian religion, the Ka is the spirit of a man's soul and is represented by the symbol of two upright arms.

The Shabti - Robot-like armies of men made of clay controlled by Scarab. They are very easy to defeat, except that there are so many of them. They shatter easily when hit. They also dissolve in water. They most often look like Egyptians, but can be dressed up as anything, such as construction workers or policemen. Sometimes, if they are broken in half, both halves are still in action. Note that the plural of Shabti is Shabti. One Shabti, lots of Shabti. But in Mummies Alive, you often hear them use the term "Shabties".

Harris Stone - is the identity Scarab takes when he needs to be in public. Harris Stone is known as a wealthy individual. As a major benefactor for the Museum, he gives a speech in Who's Who that is one to remember.

Arakh and Kimas - Arakh is Ja-Kal's evil brother and was known as the Scorpion of the Desert. He can transform into Scorpion armor. His story is told in the three Family Feud Episodes. Kimas is Arakh's son and Ja-Kal's nephew. He might not truly be considered a bad guy, but does side with Scarab and cause the Mummies a lot of grief before he determines where his true allegiances lie. He also can transform into Scorpion armor like his father. Kimas appears in the second and third Family Feud Episodes.

Talos - a Man of Bronze brought to life by Scarab. In natural form he is 100 feet tall, but can reduce his size. In Body Slam, he reduces himself to about 10 feet tall and 500 pounds for the Contest. Then in Miscast, he is recreated by Rath. He comes back looking for a mate in Object of His Affections. Talos is from Greek mythology. The human anklebone is called the "Talus".

Nuhn - The Spirit of the Primeval Waters - the source of all the waters and rivers of the Earth. A stupid villain made of water who thinks he is all-powerful, but is not even close. He is a prankster and makes real baaaaad jokes. But even worse, he laughs at his own jokes. Nuhn appears in High Nuhn and Water, Water, Everywhere.

Geb and Net - Geb is the Spirit of the Earth - a huge rock thing that makes earthquakes when he walks. Geb is first featured in The Gift of Geb. Geb also has a major part in Monster Truck Mania. Geb's wife is Net, the Spirit of the Sky - a cloudlike being who can produce rain and lightning and can turn into a tornado. Geb and Net might be called your typical married couple. They have a little spat in Married to the Geb. In mythology, Net is spelled as "Nut", and they are also brother-sister as well as husband-wife.

Chontra - was Rath's student of magic 3500 years ago. She was the best student he ever had, and she became more powerful than Rath. Rath was falling in love with her, but had to stop teaching Chontra when the pharaoh ordered him to teach Prince Rapses. For that, Chontra became vengeful, and wants to make Rath pay. She gets her first chance in Good Bye Mr. Cheops. She tries again in Tempting Offer and Eye of the Beholder.

Bes - the Master of Chance and Trickery. He is a small mischievous green guy who enjoys playing games on people. He especially enjoys flipping a coin to decide on outcomes. Bes appears in Who's Who and Tree O'Clock Rock.

Sekhmet - the ancient goddess of sickness and health. She has destroyed whole civilizations with her evil temper. She can transform into a vulture-like bird. Nobody was ever able to defeat her. Sekhmet appears in The Curse of the Sekhmet.

Apep - the Serpent of the Desert. A huge cobra-like beast with an ability to change shape. 3500 years ago, Rapses' grandfather drove Apep out of Egypt and into the desert. Apep is after revenge, and wants Rapses to pay for what his grandfather did to him. Apep appears in Desert Chic, and Pepped With Good Intention.

Set and Anubis - Set is a dog-like spirit who is leader of the "Trackers of Souls". He calls himself "Dog of the Desert, Master of Evil, Lord of Thunder". Anubis, the not-so-competent jackal (wild dog) spirit of the underworld, tags along with Set. Anubis has a scepter that causes "the sleep of forgetting". They appear in Pack to the Future, The Face In The Mirror, Dog Bites Mummy, and Family Feud I - Brother's Keeper.

The Eye Of Darkness - is a horrific monster trapped in a mirror. No one knows his origin. Every 3500 years, when the planets align, he seeks the soul of a Pharaoh so he can exchange himself with the spirit to free himself from the mirror. The Pharaoh's soul would then be lost until the planets realign in 3500 more years. Once unleashed, no power on earth would be able to stop him. Only the one who sets the spell in motion can stop him. The Eye of Darkness makes its appearance in The Face in the Mirror.

Bastet - is the Cat Goddess of ancient Egypt and the patron goddess of Nefer-Tina, brought to the present in the episode Paws. She demands to be worshipped by the people.

Griffin - is a creature with the head, wings, and forelegs of an eagle, and the body, hind legs, and tail of a lion. It is actually from Greek Mythology. The Griffin appears in Good Bye Mr. Cheops and Reunion.

Tiny Turner - is the school bully. He and his punk friend Chuck like to rough up the other kids. Tiny and Chuck appear in The Egyp-Tsu Kid and briefly in Dog Bites Mummy and Kid Scarab.

Agent Phillips - works as a Regional Subdirector for the Department of Federal Investigation. He analyzes Rath in We've Got One.

"The General" - is the head of Federal Investigation and is Agent Phillips' boss.

Scarab just finishing his transformation


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