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This page covers all types of Merchandise relating to Mummies Alive. Other than the videos, most of the items listed here are becoming very hard to find and are starting to become collectors items.

So far, we have information on this page about:

  • All Shows on YouTube
  • Set of 2 DVDs (2016)
  • The Complete Series on DVD???
  • Animated Classics releases
  • The 4th and 5th Videos (2004)
  • The Third Video (2003)
  • The Second Video (2001)
  • The First Video (1998)
  • Clothing
  • Baseball Cap
  • Running Shoes and Slippers
  • Books
  • Action Figure Toys
  • Other Stuff

    Video rights: We last heard that UAV Entertainment Corporation bought the video rights for Mummies Alive from Disney. They were the ones who released the third MA Video. However, sometime in 2006 they closed down. We do not know their current status or who currently has the rights to produce Mummies Alive videos.


    All Shows on YouTube

    It appears that since about 2014, all the episodes of Mummies Alive have been put up on YouTube, and YouTube has no longer been removing them as copyrighted material. Maybe some time period has passed to allow this, but for your viewing pleasure, you can now watch all the episodes.

    One user with a full playlist of all the episodes on YouTube is Galaxy Rose: 42 Videos
    These episodes have been watched tens of thousands of times. Episode 1 is well over 100,000 views.


    Set of 3 DVDs (2016)

    Benny told me he purchased on Ebay two volumes of Mummies Alive episodes released in Germany in 2016. There are 3 volumes in the set containing a total of 6 DVDs with all 42 episodes, 7 per DVD. They have both German and English audio. They can be purchased individually or as a set and are available from PidaxFilm and maybe from resellers.


    The Complete Series on DVD???"

    In 2012, we saw several new Mummies Alive DVD covers for sale that claim to contain all 42 episodes. According to Benny, these are just the same VHS rips you can find on YouTube, burned on a DVD. If you still want to get them, here's the info:

    The DVD set below is marked as "Classic Collection", "Original Cartoon Series", includes some artwork (origin unknown) and claims to have all 42 cartoons on 4 DVDs.

    The DVD set below is marked as "Special Collector's Edition", "Complete Series".

    These have been found at iOffer, and at sell.com and may be elsewhere.


    Animated Classics DVD releases. Volume 1 and Volume 2"
    Released 2005?

    These appear to be two DVDs each with two episodes released in Europe. Volume 1 includes the episodes Body Slam and Sleepwalk Like and Egyptian (Episode numbers 9 and 2). For descriptions of these episodes, see our Show Summaries Page.

    Volume 1, front and back

    Volume 2, front


    The 4th and 5th MA Videos: "Mummies Alive! Volume 1 and Volume 2"
    Released June 6, 2004

    These two videos supposedly have 4 episodes on each. It looks like this was an attempt to release the entire series in a set of videos, but we haven't heard that this was completed.

    Also, we don't know yet what episodes are on these two DVDs.

    Mummies Alive! Volume 1
    Click here for more information at Amazon.com or click on the link below to go to Amazon U.K.
    Get it at
    amazon.com (USA) or amazon.co.uk (U.K).

    Mummies Alive! Volume 2
    Click here for more information at Amazon.com or click on the links below to go to Amazon Canada or Amazon U.K.
    Get it at
    amazon.co.uk (U.K).


    The Third MA Video: "Mummies Alive! - The Beginning..."
    Released September 23, 2003

    It may have been made available at most major retailers including WalMart. It retails for around $9.99 US. It has four episodes, said to total 88 minutes.

    This release contains the first four episodes: Ra, Ra, Ra, Ra, Sleepwalk Like an Egyptian, Pack to the Future and The Gift of Geb. These are the same episodes that were in the 2001 video and DVD, but the 2001 DVD also included an extra 5th episode. UAV was attempting to repackage the 2001 DVD and see if it would prove popular for them. The cover is similar to the 1998 VHS cover. We don't know what other special features may have been included. Animated Bliss has some more info about this video.

    Mummies Alive! - The Beginning
    Click here for more information at Amazon.com or click on the links below to go to Amazon Canada or Amazon U.K.
    Get it at
    amazon.com (USA) or amazon.co.uk (U.K).

    This video was re-released in 2007, but without the Animation Station labelling. We do not know whether or not the DVDs have exactly the same content, but we guess that they would.

    Mummies Alive! - The Beginning (2007)
    Click here for more information at Amazon.com or click on the links below to go to Amazon Canada or Amazon U.K.
    Get it at
    amazon.com (USA), amazon.ca (Canada), or amazon.co.uk (U.K).


    Info About the Second Mummies Alive Video VHS & DVD
    Released August 28, 2001

    This is the 2nd MA Video released. It was released in VHS and DVD formats.

    The VHS version contains at least the first 4 episodes: Ra, Ra, Ra, Ra, Sleepwalk Like an Egyptian, Pack to the Future and The Gift of Geb. It is 80 minutes long. For descriptions of these episodes, see our Show Summaries Page.

    The DVD format is a bit more expensive, but does include some extras. Most significantly, it has one bonus episode which is High Nuhn. Some of the extra features are:

  • 103 mins
  • Full Frame (1:33)
  • 5 Complete Episodes
  • Interactive Trivia Game about the Show
  • Interview with Ivan Reitman and Andy Heyward
  • Trailers
  • Interactive Menus
  • Scene Access
  • English Subtitles
  • Spanish Language Track

    The interviews must have been done before Mummies Alive was released. Andy Heyward stated that they were producing 65 half-hour episodes. However, it appears that only 42 were produced. Animated Bliss has some more info about this video.

    This DVD is available used through Amazon:

    Mummies Alive!
    Click here for more information at Amazon.com or click on the links below to go to Amazon Canada or Amazon U.K.
    Get it at
    amazon.com (USA).

    The video was released by DIC Entertainment, who in the previous November reacquired their own 2,500 half-hours of programming from Disney, including all the Mummies Alive episodes.

    Also of interest is that the jacket cover DIC decided to use was early artwork of Ja-Kal drawn during the conception of the show. The show of course became less "scary" as it evolved into what was eventually used on the show. Imagine if all the Mummies were drawn like this!


    The First Mummies Alive Video VHS
    Released April 7, 1998

    The Buena Vista Home Entertainment (i.e. Disney) release of Mummies Alive became available on April 7, 1998.

    Titled The Legend Begins, the video contains the three Family Feud episodes as one complete movie about 60 minutes long with no commercials.

    The front of the video case shows Nefertina, Ja-Kal, and Rath on the front and Ja-Kal's brother Arakh hovering over them. The back shows Armon lifting a Shabti at Fort Point, the Mummies and Presley in the Hot-Ra, and Set and Anubis.

    The back cover has the following text:

    Now, For The First Time, Uncover The Secret Origin Of The Mummies

    EGYPT, 1525 B.C. - Scarab, an evil sorcerer, does away with a Pharaoh's son and the boy's four warrior guardians led by the heroic Jakal. As punishment, the Pharaoh entombs Scarab alive and curses him to live out 50 lifetimes buried beneath the Egyptian sands. But in 1928, Scarab's tomb is found and opened by archaeologists, and the villain is released on on an unsuspecting world!

    Fast-forward to modern-day San Francisco: The 3,500-year-old Scarab is now disguised as the world's richest man. When Jakal and the other warrior guardians come back to life as powerful Armored Mummies, they are still sworn to protect their boy Pharaoh from Scarab - even in the spirit world. However, Jakal finds treachery in his own ranks when his reincarnated brother and teenage nephew plot with Scarab against him. As Scarab wages war with the Mummies, a slew of his hideous monsters are bent on in-Nile-ating them...and the world! But Jakal and his loyal team of kick-Tut fighters have some awesome surprises under wraps, too!

    The video starts with five previews for: Rocketman, Mr. Magoo, The Black Cauldron, Flubber, and Simba's Pride.

    This first video was supposed to contain shows number 1, 2, and 4 from the series, and it was a surprise to find out that the Family Feud episodes were on it. Family Feud was supposed to be released later.

    See our Show Summaries page for a review of the Family Feud episodes.

    Mummies Alive! - The Legend Begins
    Click here for more information at Amazon.com or click on the links below to go to Amazon Canada or Amazon U.K.
    Get it at
    amazon.com (USA), amazon.ca (Canada), or amazon.co.uk (U.K).


    Mummies Alive Clothing

    We have looked for, but not personally found children's clothing adorned with our Mummies Alive favorites. However, we know that the following items were planned, but we do not know if they were ever released:

    If you have seen any of these items, please and we will be happy to post the information here.

    --- Mummies Alive baseball cap

    Mummies Alive Baseball Cap

    July 2003 update: We found 3 of these hats at the A Buck or Two Store in Winnipeg. All children's sizes. They were $2 each.

    In July 2000, Jasmine Day told us about a Mummies Alive baseball cap for sale on eBay. It was described as: NICE NEW BLACK BASEBALL CAP WITH THE MUMMIES ALIVE EMBLEM (SEE PHOTO) BY THE HOME GAMES INC. 100% COTTON. ADJUSTABLE STRAP.


    Mummies Alive Running Shoes

    One of the Armon Running Shoes In early 1998, we noticed a Grade-One boy wearing Mummies Alive runners. They had Ja-Kal, Armon, Scarab and Shabti on them. We never did find out where his runners came from.

    Soonafter we found a different set of Mummies Alive runners in the boys shoe section at Wal-Mart. Produced by Leif J. Osterberg, they were of excellent quality and were priced at $25. By the Fall of 1998, they were being cleared out at $15.

    The shoes were in fantastic boxes that were colorful and loaded with character pictures. The runners were either in Ja-Kal (tie-up laces with Ja-Kal on the side) or Armon style (velcro fasteners with Armon on the side). Both styles are a combination of black, white, and yellow and have lots of Mummies Alive "stuff" on them, including a really neat tread. Here are some graphics of the box:

    Top of Shoebox Bottom of Shoebox Front of Shoebox Back of Shoebox

    Here is what the tread of the runner looked like. It includes the logos of Scarab and the four Mummies, as well as the MA Logo:

    Tread of Running Shoe

    Only seen once:  Mummies Alive slippers

    Mummies Alive Slippers

    We were told by Jasmine about a pair of Mummies Alive slippers for children that traded on eBay. They are soft and blue and have the Mummies Alive logo on their sides, the word JA-KAL printed in yellow around the side of their sole, and the top half of a plastic Ja-kal figure attached on top of the front of each shoe. The seller told us they picked them up at a Walmart in Virginia and were the only ones they had seen.


    Mummies Alive Official Annual: 1999

    This book was printed and released in the United Kingdom. It is 61 pages and has stories taken from the show, wordpuzzles, characters and games. In 2002 this book was still available from NetstoreUSA. ISBN 1858306256. Hardcover (August 1998). You can also find it from time to time on eBay.
    Mummies Alive Official Annual: 1999

    Mummies Alive Colouring Books

    There were at least two Mummies Alive Colouring Books printed. They are apparently hard to find, but the First Book has been seen at Toys R Us. The Queen of Outer Space sent us some images from the First Colouring Book (28 pages) and said we should post this information about it:

    "There are 22 pictures -- the actual breakout is: Group shots - 2 (1 one-page and 1 two-page spread) Ja-Kal - 3, Rath - 4, Nefertina - 3, Armon - 4, Scarab - 4, Presley - 2"

    Here is the cover and four of the pictures from the colouring Book:

    Cover of Colouring Book 1

    The Second Colouring Book was published in 1998. Its cover looks almost the same as the cover of the First Book, but it is yellow and shows the Mummies untransformed. It was published by Grandreams in 1998. I've seen this book on eBay in 2003. Here is the cover (the words Colouring Book are cut off at the bottom):

    Cover of Coloring Book 2


    The Mummies Alive Action Figure Toys

    The First Set of Kenner Mummies Alive toys were released in 1997. They are starting to get harder to find. If you have not picked them up yet, you had better do so soon. They include:

    The First Set was distributed quite widely right around the world. But they have already been cleared out in many areas.

    We have added questions about the Toys to our Mummies Alive Survey to try to determine where they are available, and what proportion of the fans have them. See our Survey Results to find out where they were sold, and check with those stores in your area to see if they have any left.

    You may still be able to buy Mummies Alive toys on the web:


    Or try Searching Google

    Also check out auction sites
    such as eBay

    The much-wanted Nefertina toy from the Second Set The Second Set of Mummies Alive Toys: These were supposed to have been released starting the summer of 1998 to International destinations. There were no plans to release the new toys in the United States or Canada unless they ended up selling very well on the International market.

    The Second Set of toys include:

    The 2nd Set of toys have been released, but NOT in North America. Andrew Shima told us in June 1999 that Tom Palmer at ToyFare and the people at Toymaniac confirmed that the 2nd Set were released only in the United Kingdom and Europe, and they were a rather limited release.

    Finding items from the Second Set is very difficult. The Nefertina toy and some of the 2nd Set is offered from time-to-time on eBay. Check back there regularly if you want specific items. The bid prices for most Mummies Alive items are fairly reasonable, but the 2nd Set can be expensive (if you can find them)! Nefertina has gone for as much as $275 U.S.! and Fright Sight Armon for $43.

    The two Night Hunter toys of the 2nd set


    Other Mummies Alive Stuff

    The following items were planned. Some may have been released, and some may not have been:

    Other companies involved (but we don't know what items they might have produced) are: H. H. Cutler Company and Hanover Associates.

    In addition, there was a plan in Sept 97 for a Mummies Alive promotional tour through 20 malls in the U.S. We have not heard whether or not this actually took place.

    Finally, there were also plans for Fast Food promotions. Disney (who owned ABC who for a while owned DIC) has a contract with McDonalds for first right of refusal. However, it does not appear that any Fast Food promotions have taken place.

    The Shabti Attack


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    is About
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    and a Quiz
    Toy Info
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    Why not fill out our Mummies Alive Survey?

    2500 Tabulated Results from our Survey

    Some Mummies Alive stuff is available at Amazon:
    Click Here to search at Amazon.com (USA) Click Here to search at Amazon.ca (Canada) Click Here to search at Amazon.co.uk (U.K.)

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